Master Of Surgery Of Oftalmology

by | Apr 17, 2019


  • This program is in-service training and candidates are responsible for their learning. However, candidates will also receive formal and informal lessons in the form of tutorials, seminars, and group discussions. The refresher course and weekend courses are regularly held for both indoor and outdoor candidates.
  • Each candidate will have supervising supervisors, supervising coordination of learning activities and evaluating candidates’ progress. Campus off camp will also have supervisors in campus.
  • Candidates are required to plan, run and write research projects. Candidates will attend the research methodology course in year II to assist this task. The research dissertation should be submitted 6 months before the final examination of part III.
  • Candidates are required to undergo internal neorologic or medical notice in the 2nd year, for 3 months. Out-of-campus candidates are required to undergo an ophthalmological elective hearing for 6 months at UKM in IV. For candidates undergoing a course at UKM, elective notation is in MOH hospital for 4 months to enhance clinical and practical exposures.
  • Candidates are required to write 10 case reports that need to be completed 2 months before the Part II examination.
  • Candidates must keep a log book during the course and record all self-executing procedures and operations, as assistants or as supervisors.
  • To make the system open, all applicants must register with the UKM library to enable them to enter the UKM virtual library. All training sites should also have library facilities equipped with reference books and local and international journals, computer facilities and communication systems that allow connections between teachers and candidates or between candidates from different training centers.
  • Candidates are required to achieve a clinical and practical skill level for each year of study

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