Master of Public Health Science

by | Apr 17, 2019

Course Structure

Compulsory Courses (Semester 1)

  • Research Methodology
  • Basic Medical Statistics
  • Basic Epidemiology
  • Principle of Health Management
  • Basic Family Health
  • Principle of Environmental Health and Occupational Health
  • Directed Learning in Health Promotion

COURSES (Semester 2 and 3)

Name of Courses

  • Research Dissertation (In Semester 3)

Subspecialty: Epidemology And Medical Statistics

  • Epidemiology of Non-Infectious Diseases
  • Epidemiology of Vector Borne Diseases
  • Advanced Biostatistics
  • Cancer Epidemiology
  • Epidemiology of Tropical Diseases
  • Clinical Epidemiology and Statistics
  • Directed Learning in Epidemiology and Medical Statistics

Subspecialty: Hospital Management and Health Economics

  • Hospital Management
  • Organizational Behaviour and Management of Health Personnel
  • Qualitative Research in Health Care** (Optional)
  • Management of Health Information in Health Care System
  • Management Seminar
  • Health Economics
  • Planning and Evaluation of Health Program
  • Directed Learning in Health and Hospital Management

Subspecialty: Family Health

  • Women and Health
  • Physical Growth and Social Development of A Child
  • Family and Community Nutrition
  • Adolescent Health
  • Population Dynamics
  • Health of the Elderly
  • Family Health Seminars
  • Directed Learning in Family Health

Subspecialty: Environmental Health

  • Water and Air Quality
  • Environmental and Industrial Toxicology
  • Environmental Management
  • Food Quality Control and Safety
  • Environmental Assessment
  • Environmental Sanitation and Engineering
  • Directed Learning in Environmental Health

Subspecialty: Occupational Health

  • Occupational Health Medicine
  • Occupational Safety And Health Legislation
  • Operational Medicine
  • Occupational Health Practicum
  • Clinical Occupational Medicine
  • Industrial Hygiene
  • Ergonomics
  • Occupational Health Education
  • Epidemiology of Occupational Health
  • Occupational Health Seminars
  • Occupational Safety & Health Risk Assessment and Management
  • Directed Learning in Occupational Health
  • Occupational safety

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