Master Of Medicine (Anaesthesiology)

by | Oct 2, 2019

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Year 1:

Learning process for the trainer will be on fundamentals in Anaesthesiology and Critical Care. The

trainer will focus on physiology, applied physiology, pharmacology, statistic with research

methodology and clinical measurement with basic clinical skill in anaesthesiology and critical care.

Phase II (Senior Medical Officer in Anaesthesiology and Critical Care)

Year 2 & 3:

The general objective is to enable the trainee to acquire knowledge, skills and develop attitude in

the management of patients and the Anaesthesiology and Critical Care team in at the level of the

senior medical officer during year 2 and 3.

Learning process for the trainer will be on introduction to research methodology and submission of

research proposal. The trainer will focus on sub specialties area in anaesthesiology and critical care

such as neuro anaesthesia, pain, intensive care, cardiothoracic and vascular anaesthesia, paediatric

& neonatal ICU, paediatric anaesthesia and emergency medicine.

The general objective is to enable the trainee to function as the senior medical officer in the

anaesthesiology and Critical Care team and to manage critically ill patients. The trainee will be able

to perform as the right hand person to the consultant. They are considered the post as registrar

during year 4. They also have to submit the dissertation six months before eligible for final

professional examination.

Year 4

The learning process for the trainer will be on advanced anesthesiology and critical care. They also have

to complete and submit the dissertation project, case reports with Islamic Input. The trainer will

treated as a registrar in training.

Mode of Delivery:

  • Lecture
  • Research
  • Case write-ups
  • Hospital work
  • Dissertation
  • Anesthesiology and Critical Care logbook
  • Clinical teaching
  • Surgical teaching
  • Islamic input
  • Seminar / tutorial
  • Journal review

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