Master of Gas Engineering and Management

by | Mar 4, 2019


The master´s degree programme in Gas Engineering and Management is designed to address the need for skilled gas engineering professionals by integrating the technical and management aspects of gas engineering with an emphasis on natural gas into a graduate degree program. The intent is to provide quality post-graduate education to those interested in working in the natural gas industry and further equip engineering professionals with strong technical skills and management knowledge.

Programme Objectives

The programme is designed to achieve the following objectives;

  • Graduates incorporate in-depth engineering techniques and natural gas management principles in project technical and economic analysis of gas production, processing, transportation and utilization projects.
  • Graduates manage conducive working environment and readily pursue different challenging roles in regional and global natural gas operation and management positions through effective team work, leadership and communication skills.
  • Graduates demonstrate ethical responsibilities including social issues, safety and environmental awareness and continuously engage in personal and professional growth.

Programme Outcomes

Upon completion of this programme a student should be able to:

  • integrate technical and scientific knowledge of gas engineering and management principles
  • analyse , evaluate and propose solutions to gas engineering operational problems, designs and management through systematic planning and problem solving skills
  • utilize appropriate methodologies, techniques and tools to produce work of scholarly quality.
  • communicate effectively through written and oral modes.
  • demonstrate high team working spirit and effective leadership quality in undertaking a wide range of group projects.
  • perpetually seek advanced knowledge and technology of gas engineering and management
  • demonstrate high ethical standards in professional practice including environmental and social issues.
  • incorporate knowledge of gas engineering and management in business thinking /entrepreneurship related decision making process.

Program Coursework

Students enrolling in this programme are required to complete 36 credits in core and elective courses plus 6 credits earned by preparing and defending the dissertation. Course modules are typically taught by lectures with supporting seminars and case studies by experienced lecturers and professionals working in the natural gas industry. Each module is separately assessed and students are expected to evaluate theoretical or practical frameworks for the analysis and critical evaluation of a variety of issues. Typical course modules offered in this programme include;

  • Gas Exploration, Production and Processing
  • Gas Transportation and Storage
  • Gas Supply Engineering and Economic
  • Gas Thermodynamic Properties and Utilization
  • Gas Contract Negotiation and Implementation
  • Asset Management and Control
  • LNG Technology
  • Risk and Safety Management
  • Gas Project Planning, Development and Financing
  • Energy Management System and Audit
  • Graduate Project
  • Electives (e.g. Membrane Gas Separation, Flow Measurement , Renewable Energy Policy, Combustion-Generated Pollution, Fire and Explosion)

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