Intensive English Programme (IEP)

by | Oct 14, 2019

Level 1

Listening & Speaking

Discerning main ideas, Understanding sequences, Noticing specific details, Sound Discrimination, Picture Matching, Using correct pronunciation, Attempting correct stress and intonation, Questioning, Speaking coherently, Consonants, vowels and diphthongs, Contractions (it’s, won’t)

Reading & Writing

Skimming and scanning, Looking for supporting details, Observing the mechanics of writing (spelling, punctuation), Writing grammatically correct sentences in response to pictorial stimuli

Grammar & Vocabulary

Content words, Functional words, Verbs and verb forms, Prepositions, Nouns and pronouns, Articles and determiners, Questions with tags and responses

Level 2

Listening & Speaking

Inferring, Comparing, Predicting, Completing tasks, Using correct pronunciation, Paraphrasing, Supporting and clarifying, Interacting in a group, Sentence stress and intonation, Pluralisation (-s/es/ies, men, children)

Reading & Writing

Comparing, Clarifying, Using contextual clues, Determining relevance, Understanding and using study skills, Practising dictionary skills, Transferring information from linear to non-linear forms and vice versa, Writing sentences in correct sequence to form paragraphs, Writing different types of sentences, Writing paragraphs, Using spelling and grammar checker in word processor

Grammar & Vocabulary

Accuracy practice, Understanding of words through contextual and grammar clues, Content words, Functional words, Tenses, Future and perfect aspect, Adverbs, Adjectives and intensifiers, Conjunctions and connectors, Positive and negative sentences, Positive and negative questions, WH questions and responses, Concordance

Level 3

Listening & Speaking

Classifying, Note- taking, Understanding varieties of English (e.g. British / American), Summarizing, Oral Presentations  Sentence stress and intonation, Sentence stress in questions

Reading & Writing

Inferring, Summarizing, Note-taking, Differentiating between fact and opinion, Using critical and creative thinking skills, Writing sentences in correct sequence to form paragraphs, Understanding unity (topic sentence and supporting details), Developing coherence and cohesion, Writing summaries, Writing essays, Writing full texts on specific topics

Grammar & Vocabulary

Use of specialist dictionaries and the thesaurus, Accuracy practice, Understanding of words through contextual and grammar clues, Exposure to synonyms, antonyms and words generally confused in English, Content words, Functional words, Gerunds, Infinitives, Phrases, clauses and sentences, WH questions and responses, Idiomatic expressions

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