Bachelor of Landscape Architecture

by | Feb 25, 2019

Introduction to the Programme

The programme was designed and implemented since 1993 which was inspired on the core understanding of Man as the steward of the Earth and based on the design and built philosophy. It aims to produce professionals who are competent and technically knowledgeable as well as being critical and creative in problem solving on issues pertaining to aspects of heritage, tropical, urban and natural resources.

Landscape architecture combines both art and science. It is a profession that involves the design, planning and management or exterior spaces through the use of land and water elements in creating outdoor spaces which are practical and aesthetically pleasant. The works of a landscape architect does not only add value but also provide comfortable outdoor environment in residential areas, work and playing spaces. Landscape architecture is a discipline that covers a diverse scope ranging from the design of exterior landscapes within urban, rural, communal, ecological and regional areas. Landscape architects serve not only as designers but help to create landscape that responds to human habitation in diverse cultural and ecological contexts.

 Career Prospects

Graduates of the programme can work as

  • Landscape architects
  • Research officers at research institutions, universities and industries
  • Academicians at universities, polytechnics and colleges
  • Graphic illustrators and designers
  • Nursery operators
  • Landscape contractors
  • Landscape managers

Course Structure

Semester 1

  • Basic Design
  • Landscape Construction 1
  • Horticulture & Nursery
  • History of Landscape Architecture
  • Elective(1)
  • Elective(1)
  • Malaysian Dynamics (Local)
  • Arts, Customs and Beliefs of Malaysian (International)
  • Islamic and Asian Civilisation

Semester 2

  • Community Landscape Design
  • Ornamental & Natural Plant Materials
  • Environmental Psychology & Socio-Culture
  • Elective(1)
  • Elective(1)
  • Elective(1)
  • Critical and Creative Thinking
  • Academic English Skills

Semester 3

  • Recreation and Park Design
  • Landscape Construction 2
  • Planting Technology
  • Ethnobotany Plant Materials
  • Elective(1)
  • Elective(1)
  • Science, Technology and Mankind
  • Co-curriculum I

Semester 4

  • Urban Landscape Design
  • Heritage Landscape & Conservation
  • Professional Practice 1
  • Elective(1)
  • Elective(1)
  • Advanced Academic English Skills
  • Co curriculum II

Semester 5

  • Landscape Resource Planning
  • Landscape Construction 3
  • Planting Technology 2
  • Professional Practice 2
  • Elective(1)
  • Elective(1)
  • Technocrat & Development (Local)
  • Malay Language for Communication (International)

Semester 6

  • Industrial Training 1
  • Industrial Training 2

Semester 7

  • Topical Studies
  • Landscape Construction 4
  • Elective(1)
  • Elective(1)
  • Elective(1)

Semester 8

  • Final Comprehensive Project
  • Professional Practice 3
  • Elective(1)
  • Elective(1)
  • English for Professional Purposes
  • Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development

Elective Courses

  • Design Communication
  • Introduction to Landscape Architecture
  • Landscape Ecology
  • History & Theory of Architecture
  • Environmental Physics
  • Park & Recreational Planning
  • Site Planning
  • Mapping Technology
  • Resource Planning & Management
  • GIS Application
  • Field Study
  • Landscape Seminar
  • International Collaborative Programme
  • Materials and Specifications
  • Management
  • Competition
  • Expedition
  • Cost Studies

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