Bachelor of Engineering (Nuclear)

by | Feb 25, 2019

Bachelor of Engineering (Nuclear)

Depletion of the country’s petroleum and gas reserves has prompted the country to look for alternative sources of energy. Nuclear energy is one of the best alternative sources of energy. Rapid developments in the application of nuclear engineering in other sectors such as defence, medical and agriculture are demanding for more nuclear engineers. It has been shown that one of the critical conditions for the successful introduction of a nuclear power programme and other nuclear related industries is the availability of trained manpower that meets the desired quality and quantity. These reasons have called for the establishment of education/training infrastructures as well as national education and training capabilities in the field of engineering and science in order to develop qualified personnel for the nuclear power programme.

Nuclear engineering deals with the practical applications of nuclear processes. The main objective of this programme is to train and prepare students to become nuclear engineers with the capability in designing, producing and constructing in the aspects of research and development (R&D), maintenance, sales, consultancy, education, and training. Nuclear engineering is based upon the extensive use of mathematics and physical principles. These principles are applied to radioactivity, nuclear interactions and the interaction of radiation with materials. Further applications require the knowledge of energy removal and conversion, materials science, instrumentation and control, and chemistry. The programme is designed such that the graduates are be able to perform tasks and functions for nuclear power related fields which primarily require nuclear-related qualifications in both design and construction in the operation of a nuclear power plant and in other nuclear related industries.

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