Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences (Hons)

by | Mar 5, 2019

MAHSA University’s Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences (Hons) is a 4-year programme tailored for individuals who are looking for a career in biomedical science in the areas of research and development, diagnostics, or production.

During the programme, students will explore subjects such as biology, chemistry, physiology, pharmacology, statistics, genetics, immunology, molecular and cellular biology, pathology, histology, haematology, epidemiology, toxicology, and neuroscience.

Graduates of MAHSA University’s Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences (Hons) can look forward to career opportunities such as environmental scientists, health specialists, health educators, pathologists, laboratory technicians, pharmacologists, microbiologists and numerous other important roles in the biomedical sphere.

Most importantly, MAHSA’s graduates can be assured that they will be equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills that will enable them to contribute to the ultimate betterment of humankind.


Semester 1

  • Basis Biostatistics
  • Laboratory Science & Instrumentation
  • English For Academic Purpose
  • Titas (Tamadun Islam Dant Asia)- For National Students 
  • Malaysian Studies 3 – For International Students
  • Basic Chemistry
  • Basic Haematology
  • Medical Parasitology & Entomology

Semester 2

  • Hubungan Etnik – For National Studnets
  • Bahasa Melayu Komunikasi 2- For International Students
  • Basic Cytology
  • Basic Microbiology
  • Basic Pathology
  • Basic Transfusion Science & Blood Banking
  • English For Academic Writing
  • Principles Of Laboratory Animal Sciences

Semester 3

  • Human Anatomy And Physiology I
  • Medical Microbiology I
  • Human Biochemistry I
  • Laboratory Management
  • Laboratory Science And Instrumentation II
  • Basic Immunology
  • Health Informatics

Semester 4        

  • Cell Biology And Genetics
  • Clinical Biochemistry I
  • Human Biochemistry II
  • Human Anatomy And Physiology II
  • Medical Microbiology II
  • Basic Pharmacology
  • Environmental Microbiology

Semester 5        

  • Advanced Immunology
  • Advanced Transfusion Science & Blood Banking
  • Advanced Pathology & Cytology
  • Clinical Biochemistry II
  • Epidemiology
  • Human Genetics
  • Health And Community

Semester 6        

  • Advanced Microbiology
  • Advanced Haematology
  • Molecular Biology Techniques
  • Molecular Pathopysiology
  • Phychology & Behavioural Sciences
  • Research Methodology

Semester 7        

  • Biomedical Practicum

Semester 8        

  • Industrial Training
  • Research Project
  • Special Topics In Biomdecial Sciences
  • Toxicology
  • Entrepreneurship (Mpu 2)
  • Comparative Religion (Mpu 3)

Semester 9

  • Case Study And Problem Solving
  • Personal & Professional Development
  • Community Service

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