Bachelor of Biomedical Science

by | Feb 15, 2019

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The Biomedical Science Programme spans a minimum period of 4 years. Initially, students are provided with a broad based knowledge of basic medical sciences, allowing students the chance to acquire basic medical laboratory skills. Subsequently students proceed to the specific study of medical laboratory disciplines of their own choice: Anatomic Pathology, Haematology, Clinical Chemistry, Medical Microbiology, Parasitology, Physiology and Pharmacology.

Students will learn the principles underlying the various analytical methods and investigatory procedures used in laboratory medicine, and obtain practical training to consolidate theoretical instruction. In addition, instruction is provided on research methodologies as students will be carrying out research projects of their own design during final year.

Successful graduates in Biomedical Science should be able to assume responsible positions in the following situations:

(1) as part of a healthcare team that is concerned with the care of patients and/or with basic and applied clinical research;

Example: 1. Medical Lab Scientist

  • Research Officer
  • Science Officer
  • Research Assistant
  • Insurance Company Underwriter

(2) as part of a research team in allied medical disciplines, in food and pharmaceutical industries, in public health, and in biotechnology.

Example: 1. Product Specialist in medical-related industries

  • QC Analyst
  • Medical Representative
  • Personal Healthcare Advisor
  • Biomedical Technologist

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