Bachelor In Pharmacy (Honours)

by | Feb 15, 2019

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Bachelor In Pharmacy (Honours)

Pharmacists are the researchers, developers, producers, people who are trusted to give advice on drugs to all health professionals and persons who market drugs. The pharmaceutical industry is the most heavily regulated of all industries. This profession and this industry is the most heavily reliant on a code of ethics in its everyday practice. Pharmacists dispense prescription drug products and provide patient information services to consumers in hospitals, nursing homes, retail pharmacy departments and home care settings. Pharmacists consult directly with patients, or with their caregivers, explaining the proper use and storage of drug products and providing information on contraindications of drugs.

The University of Malaya Bachelor in Pharmacy [B. Pharm.(Hons)] prepares students for a professional career in community, hospital or industrial pharmacy and allied industries. Students undertake broad training in physical and biological sciences; knowledge of drugs and their effects, and the application of this knowledge to individuals; the ability to provide advice and pharmacy care to consumers; and a scientific approach that will permit critical appraisal of developments in pharmaceutical sciences. In an evolving health system subject to rapidly accelerating demands, pharmacists are embracing new roles and should be prepared to undertake continuing development of their professional skills. This four years course under semester system consists of 44 core pharmacy modules under four disciplines, Pharmacology/ Physiology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmacy Practice and Clinical Pharmacy.

Career Opportunity

  • Hospital Pharmacist
  • Industrial Pharmacist
  • Community Pharmacist
  • Lecturer
  • Research Officer
  • Postgraduate studies (Masters; PhD)

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